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Floriade 2018 – Finale and Dress Rehearsal

FLORIADE PERFORMERS: save Sunday, 23 September, 3.30pm in your calendars!

Our finale and dress rehearsal for Floriade is scheduled for Sunday, 23 September, at 3.30pm. Please make yourselves available for approximately two hours.

The first hour will be a class for you to learn the finale our commercial jazz teacher, Grace, has choreographed for us. The second hour will be a full-length dress rehearsal.

Please be aware this rehearsal is (in general) required attendance for all performers. We pride ourselves on our flexible environment and have generally steered away from mandatory attendance approaches; however, we want to help you feel confident on stage and enjoy the performance experience. Your attendance at this rehearsal will assist our community to work together, as a team, on the day of our performance.

For those who have non-negotiable prior commitments, a make up session to learn the finale will be held during the commercial jazz class on Thursday, 27 September, at 6.15pm - normal class fees will apply. You are also welcome to attend if you feel you need some extra practice with the finale routine. Please note, this is a make up session for the finale only, and not the dress rehearsal. It will be your responsibility to touch base with your performance group(s) to check if there are any changes to the choreography you may need to catch up on.

We are looking forward to seeing all performing classes come together for the first time on Sunday, 23 September, 3.30pm! Of course, being Sunday afternoon, there will be snacks provided to help us maintain our energy. 🙂

Happy rehearsing, everyone!


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