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Artist Spotlight: Nara O’Neil


Nara O'Neil is our newest artist on display at the 6th Position studio and we are absolutely in love with his quiet, thoughtful and raw view of the world.

Nara is an artist with a love of nature, a fascination with people and an obsession with creating meaningful images. Each image by Nara strikes a strikes a conversation, each capture a breathtaking connection to life. His goal is to invoke feeling and create emotion. Nara combines these sentiments to create art that is unique.

We had a chat with Nara to get to know the person behind the artist.


What is this collection of work called and what was the inspiration?

These were some of the images from my recent 'Speed of Souls' exhibition. Each image is titled with the exposure time used to create it. I drew inspiration from all time greats such as Dali, Arbus, Leibovitz and Coulson, as well as local artists Coppa and Cicchini.

Where else can we view your work?

I photograph humans as often as I can find the subjects and the time, and have a busy Instagram account - @naraoneil - as well as a portfolio at I'd much appreciate it if you said hello on either platform!

What is your background?

I started out as a male model many years ago, and over the years wanted more and more creative control, eventually prompting me to move entirely into photographing others, I have never looked back.

If you were only allowed to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would usually say nachos, having once eaten nachos for 16 days in a row, but a katsu chicken bento is an easy choice.

What do you do in your spare time?

This is most of my spare time, as I prefer keeping it as a paid hobby rather than my main income, but volleyball and my little dachshund vie for the rest.

Who is your favourite artist?

A very kind client once compared me to Dali, but Picasso had a habit of giving dachshunds to friends, mostly so that there was always a dog at hand to pat, who could top that?


Nara's work is available for purchase from the studio. The large centre-piece (at the top of the stairs) is $250 and the rest of the prints are $100.

The next time you are in the studio; take a moment to stop, be present and see the world through Nara's lense.


Image © Nara O'Neil


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