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2019 Expressions of Interest

Our plans for 2019 are well underway and we have a few ideas for classes and excursions we would like to gauge for interest. Read on to find out more!


Irish Dance

We have an opportunity to offer Irish Dance at 6P in 2019 and are exploring interest for a Novice / Beginner level class to commence in late January / early February. We are also open to providing a higher level class, should there be enough interest.

If Irish Dance is a style you have always wanted to try, or it is in your past and you would like to return to it, please send an email with your interest and preferred level to


Pre-Pointe Technique & Strength

We have recently received a number of enquiries from our ballet students asking how they can prepare themselves for progression to pointe. Your questions on preparation have made our ballet teachers extremely proud to see your maturity in understanding that sound technique, strength and consistency is the key to dancing safely en pointe.

We would like to introduce a Pre-Pointe Technique & Strength class in 2019 for students with approximately 18 months of recent and consistent ballet experience and / or are a well-experienced beginner / elementary ballet student. If you are interested in participating, but are unsure if you fit the above mentioned criteria, we strongly encourage you discuss with your ballet teacher.

Please email your expression of interest for Pre-Pointe Technique & Strength to


Tap Foundations

A new year means a new round of our five-week Tap Foundations workshop! The focus of this class is to develop your technique, rhythm, style and sound, from the very beginning.

Tap Foundations will commence mid to late January 2019. If you have always dreamed of making music with your feet, send your interest to


Dance Camps in 2019

Many of you have (re)discovered dance at 6P and we want to show you the wider dance opportunities available to you in Australia. It can be daunting to dance outside of your community, so we thought we would bring the community along!

Sydney Dance Company

Just three hours away from Canberra is Australia's largest dance program, housed at Sydney Dance Company.  The best part is: its for adults aged 16+ only! Take your 6P education and put it to the test with some of the country's best teachers. We envisage this excursion will take place over a weekend in April or May 2019.

Australian Dance Festival

Newly minted Australian Dance Festival Ambassador and 6P student, Chantal Fleming, would like to show you the joy and richness of participating in ADF, taking place 19-22 September 2019.

Yes, it can be daunting to attend a festival where the majority of participants are under 18 years; however, Chantal has proven it is possible to look past this aspect, and come away enriched and full of joy. This excursion is about looking past your age (and the age of others around you) to take full advantage of the opportunity to learn from an array of dance industry professionals. And what's more, your 6P community will be right by your side to embrace the experience with you!

If the thought of a Sydney Dance Company and/or ADF excursion excites you, please email your expression of interest to


To help us get these ideas off the ground, you will need to email your expressions of interest to by no later than 30 November 2018.


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