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Enrolments OPEN for Irish Dance and Tap Foundations

Enrolments for new classes in 2019 - Irish Dance and Tap Foundations - are now OPEN! Read on to find our more...


Irish Dance
In 2019, Irish Dance will take place on Saturdays at 1345 - 1500. As this is a trial, we will be offering Irish Dance on a five week enrolment basis, for two blocks. Due to the trial nature, we unfortunately cannot offer fee adjustments for absences. The first block commences Saturday, 19 January 2019, and the cost per block is $120, per person.
We will also be running a free Irish Dance taster class at Open Day on Saturday, 12 January, at 1600! Open Day in general is a fantastic day, full of energy and good vibes; we encourage you to come along and try all the dance styles we have on offer. 🙂
You can sign for the first Irish Dance enrolment block and Open day taster via our online timetable.
Tap Foundations
The first Tap Foundations course in 2019 will take place on Wednesdays, 2000 - 2100, commencing 16 January. The course cost is $120 and will run for five weeks, with the last class taking place on 13 February. Fee adjustments are available by prior arrangement only (i.e. must be arranged prior to the commencement of the course) and can be organised by emailing with your date(s) of absence.
You can sign up for Tap Foundations by visiting our online timetable.
Here's to a dancer-ific 2019. Catch you in the studio!

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