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Contemporary Masterclass with James Batchelor

Our first masterclass for 2019 is here!

Australian contemporary dance artist, James Batchelor, is returning home from Europe to bring Hyperspace to Canberra, and 6th Position have the honour of hosting him for two masterclasses on Thursday, 28 February.

James Batchelor is one of Australia’s leading young choreographers and dancers from Canberra. His work is known for its visual clarity, architectural sensitivity to space and rhythmic playfulness. Movement is hypnotically focused and detailed drawing audiences into a contemplative and imaginative realm. His practice is collaborative, spanning mediums of dance, film, music and sculpture. The result is highly original and immersive performances of impact and scale that resonate with diverse audiences internationally. James’ mission as an artist is to make work that inspires curiosity. To shift assumptions, widen awareness and create possibility. He strives to find ways that dance can be a conversation, collaboration and exchange with other disciplines and communities. 

James’ body of work including ISLAND (2014) METASYSTEMS (2014-16), DEEPSPACE (2017), REDSHIFT (2017) and HYPERSPACE (2018) has toured widely in Australia and internationally. He has also worked extensively with youth in Australia such as Quantum Leap, Stompin, Drill and Yellow Wheel and continues to be actively involved in the Canberra dance community.

You can catch James's Masterclasses at 6P on Thursday, 28 February, at the following times:

Each masterclass is $35 per person, per class. Reserve your spot to catch James for a creatively invigorating evening via our online timetable!

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