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We are 6th Position Podcast – Episode 16: Amrita

Here it is... episode 16 of the We are 6th Position podcast, and the final one for the 2019 season.

Today, we are sharing Amrita's story. At a time where our Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has decided the arts is not worthy of federal representation; the release of our season finale has been serendipitous. The arts - dance at a community level - has changed the course of Amrita's life, and we have no doubt, there are many others for whom dance and the arts has held a pivotal role in their lives. This episode holds a special story of hope; it you are on a path of recovery (physical, mental, emotional or otherwise), then this episode is dedicated to you.

We are 6th Position podcast will return in 2020. In the meantime, you can listen back over all 16 episodes and check out our We are 6th Position Facebook album so see where it all started!

We wish a safe and happy festive break - catch you on the flip side!



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