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2020 Timetable and Enrolment Opportunities

2020 Timetable

Our 2020 timetable has arrived! You can now sign up for any of our drop-in classes and specific enrolment opportunities via our online timetable or the MindBody app.

Speaking of enrolment opportunities...


2020 Enrolment Opportunities

We are all about our dancers' artistic and technical development and in 2020, we are excited to add new contemporary dance enrolment opportunities alongside our ballet offerings. Read on to find out more information about these opportunities and how to sign yourself up!


Studio to Screen

This is your chance to star in a dance video!

Studio to Screen is an eight-week contemporary dance enrolment, culminating in the creation of a professionally filmed dance video. In this course, you will gain an insight into the choreographic process through being choreographed on and contributing to the creation of movement through different choreographic methods. To get the most out of this experience, we recommend participants have an elementary level of movement experience (approximately 18 months).

The final product is currently slated to be filmed at an outdoor location on the weekend of 28 March; however, this is subject to change and will be confirmed after the commencement of the course. Please note, participation in Studio to Screen does not guarantee your participation in the dance video filming. Although we take into consideration all participants' availability, we also acknowledge we cannot accommodate everyone, all of the time. We therefore greatly appreciate your flexbility to be available on the day of the dance video filming once the filming date is set.

Studio to Screen will run on Mondays, 2000-2115, commencing 20 January 2020. Enrolment cost is $280, inclusive of a copy of the dance video. Sign up is available via our online timetable or MindBody app.


Improvise! is a five-week contemporary dance course where you will explore your creative impulses and uncover different pathways for creating spontaneous movement. Contrary to popular belief, dance improvisation is more than making up a dance on the spot; it can be an informed, playful process using tasks, words, senses and your responses to people around you.
Join us for Improvise! where we will work individually and with others, whilst playing with different improvisation techniques to create spontaneous (and fun!) movement.  We will practice staying present and trusting in our inherently intelligent bodies. In this sense you will be truly uncovering your inner strength and artistry.
We encourage those who are considering applying for the 2020 Choreographic Mentor Program to participate as improvisation can be a powerful choreographic tool and will help to develop or reveal your artistic voice. Please wear clothes you feel comfortable dancing in and bring a notebook and pen.

Improvise! will run on Fridays, 1930-2045, commencing 6 March 2020. Enrolment cost is $130. Sign up is available via our online timetable or MindBody app.


2020 Pre-Pointe Assessment

Our first 2020 Pre-Pointe Assessment will take place on Wednesday, 22 January 2020, 1915-2030. In considering your commitment to Pre-Pointe, please take the time to read our Pre-Pointe / Pointe Policy and discuss your readiness with one of your regular ballet teachers

To register for the January 2020 Pre-Pointe Assessment, please email Gen at 6thposition.studio@gmail.com by no later than Sunday, 12 January 2020. There is homework to help you prepare for the assessment - the sooner you register, the more time you have to prepare!


Royal Academy of Dance

We are proud to offer adults the opportunity to learn the Royal Academy of Dance ballet syllabus, including the opportunity to partake in an exam. In 2020, our RAD classes will be led by Carys and Gabi.

Discovering Repertoire: Level 2

We will continue offering Discovering Repertoire: Level 2 in 2020, and welcome new enrolments! Discovering Repertoire: Level 2 is suitable for those with experienced beginner / new elementary level ballet technique (approximately one to two years experience, or equivalent), and who prefer to learn in shorter modules.

In 2020, Discovering Repertoire will run on Fridays, 1800-1930, commencing 24 January 2020. Term one cost is $280.

To organise your trial and/or enrol in Discovering Repertoire: Level 2, please email Gen at 6thposition.studio@gmail.com.

Intermediate Foundation

New in 2020! We are leveling up to give you the opportunity to learn a vocational syllabus.

Intermediate Foundation is suitable for those with elementary level ballet technique (at least two years ballet experience, or equivalent), who are looking for a long-term development opportunity for their ballet technique and artistry, including a pointe component for females. Female dancers who have not yet progressed to pointe, are welcome to learn the syllabus and sit the exam as a male (i.e. you learn the male variations instead of pointe work).

In 2020, Intermediate Foundation will run on Thursdays, 1915-2045, commencing 6 February 2020. Term one cost is $280.

To organise your trial and/or enrol in Intermediate Foundaiton, please email Gen at 6thposition.studio@gmail.com.

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