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We are 6th Position Podcast – Episode 18: Belinda

Last episode, we chatted to Mariette about beginning dance as a middle-aged adult. Today, on the other side of the spectrum, we talk to Belinda about being a life long dancer. As a new member of the 5-0 club, she has no plans to stop dancing any time soon!

Alongside her life-long love of ballet, Belinda also tells us about other adventures life has thrown her way: starting a small business, moving house(s) and soccer. In short, she shows us you can have your cake and eat it, too; mixing the relentless pace of normal life and an all-consuming passion for dance is very much possible. Click play or download to hear Belinda's story.

And while we've got your attention... Have you heard Aimee Whittaker from Phly Crew is visiting 6th Position to teach two jazz masterclasses on Sunday, 2 February?!  Read all about it, and then head to our online timetable to sign up!


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