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6P Updated COVID-19 Plan

A lot has changed in the six days since letting you know our plans for managing COVID-19 at 6P, and we are doing our best to keep abreast of changing indoor restrictions, while still providing our community with a safe and healthy space to continue dancing.

As most of you are aware from our recent socials post, we have lowered our class capacity to 10 people per class, to bring us into compliance with new indoor gathering restrictions.  As a result, we now require a minimum of 4 bookings for a class to run.  To help us continue supporting our wonderful teaching team (a third of whom rely on dance / fitness teaching as their sole source of income), we encourage early sign ups to all classes - you can always cancel up to one hour prior to the class start time with no penalty (more information is in our Studio Policies).

And if your favourite evening / weekend classes are booking out, we encourage you to try our lunchtime ballet and pilates classes on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.  Its a great way to add movement to your day - especially if you are already working from home!

I also wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to our community for your support.  Whether it be buying a Studio Pass, purchasing a gift card, or simply helping us disinfect the barres - every little bit is helping us get through this uncertain time.  When and if the time comes for a closure, rest assured all studio passes will be extended, all auto-payments paused and all remaining prepaid enrolments will be rolled over as credits.  You have fed and clothed my family since 6P opened in 2017, and no different to our first forced closure (hands up if you remember!), I will do my best for you.

And, yes, the answer to the question on everyone's lips - I have considered virtual / online classes.  And have decided against them because it does not align with my principles and ethos for 6P.  I do have something else planned though, and it will be free.  6P was never about money (and never will be, while I steer this ship); our community has supported me through the good times, now its my turn to be here for you.  Stay tuned!

- Gen  xx

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