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We are Closing our Doors… For now.


To our wonderfully kind and supportive community - THANK YOU.  It is because of your support that we have been able to hang on for so long, and we - especially those of us who rely solely on dance and fitness instruction to bring in our daily bread - are grateful.

Many of you will have already seen our recent socials post, but this Studio News post makes it official:  6th Position is closed until further notice.

As mentioned in our last post (hard to believe it was only 24 hours ago), now that the time has come for closure, we will:

  • extend all current Studio Passes
  • pause all active auto-payments until reopening (remember, withdrawal of fund usually takes 2-3 days after settlement, which means your last payment may be withdrawn post-closure)
  • roll over prepaid enrolments as credits upon reopening.

The above applies as of 23 March 2020, in addition to our normal Terms & Conditions and Studio Policies.

Some of our original and longer-standing community members will know this is not our first forced closure (tune into episode 12 of We are 6th Position to hear more about it), and I learnt a lot of lessons from that first closure.  Namely; pack in my pride and ask for help.  I know this is a financially uncertain and unstable time for many of you; however, if you are able to donate any of your remaining fees (e.g. opting to let your pass expire, continuing your auto-payment for a week or two, or forfeiting your enrolment), we would be most grateful.  Your donation will help us meet ongoing expenses (e.g. rent, MindBody service subscription, website hosting, etc) and make it possible to provide our team members most in need with some small paid project work for our upcoming online options.  If you would like to make a donation, please email

If you are not able to make a donation, there are other ways to support us!  You can leave us a review on Facebook or Google, purchase a gift certificate for later use, or share you favourite We are 6th Position podcast episode with friends, family or social media page (or all three). We are grateful for any and all support we receive.

And last, but not least, remember to care for yourself during these very difficult, strange and uncertain times.  We should all be doing the following every day, but it is even more important to remember to do so now,

  • eat a wholesome and well-balanced diet to fuel your immune system
  • exercise regularly to build and maintain a healthy respiratory system
  • expose yourself to sunlight daily (and safely) to boost your mood and mental health
  • get the recommended hours of night sleep to recharge your body and mind.


Stay healthy.  Stay safe.  Stay kind.  Our lights may be off, but our message remains the same:  Every. BODY. Welcome.

We'll catch you on the flip side!

-Gen  xx

PS.  Here's a sneak peek of something that is dropping soon... Remember to subscribe!

6th Position - Every Body Welcome 2

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