Pointe / Pre-Pointe Policy

A common question for starting pointe as an adult ballet student is: am I too old?

No. However, this is the wrong question.

Sound ballet technique, consistency and strength is key to dancing en pointe correctly and safely. ‘Am I ready for pointe work?’ is the question you should be asking your teacher and yourself. Dancing en pointe requires enormous dedication and commitment; it is important adult dancers go in with their eyes wide open and a deep understanding of their personal limitations.

Prior to attending their first pre-pointe / pointe class, students should speak with their teacher to discuss their readiness for progressing to pointe. Where necessary, students may be requested by their teacher to undertake an external pre-pointe assessment. In addition, we recommend students:

  • have at least 18 months (1.5 years) of recent and consistent ballet training
  • as a minimum, regularly attend two ballet classes per week, with at least one of the classes at the elementary level.

Students who wish to practice pointe work during their normal ballet classes must speak with their pointe teacher first.

We care deeply about safe dance and injury prevention and as such, 6th Position reserves the right to refuse students entry into pre-pointe and/or pointe class. This includes where a student has reserved a place in class without first speaking to their normal ballet teacher. If refused entry, the class purchase used to make the reservation will not be returned to your account.

We understand being an adult means having responsibilities and commitments that may make it difficult to consistently meet the above mentioned requirements for pre-pointe / pointe. Please think carefully about whether or not a commitment to pre-pointe / pointe work makes sense for you at this time in your life. Given the technical demands, inconsistent attendance is simply not safe, nor does it lend itself to progress, for dancing en pointe.